What you CAN do with the Gradebook in UltraWhat you CAN'T do with the Gradebook in Ultra

Create calculations in columns (total, min/max, average, weighted) with customized variables and formulas

Create grading period

Weigh by categories OR individual assignments/columnsView column statistics
Automatically enter zeroes for unsubmitted assignmentsHide column from students and instructor

Modify the grading schema

Hide rows / columns
Upload or download gradebook as CSV
View as list or grid (spreadsheet) 
Download student submissions from column
Run test analysis from column
Hide column from students
Create new categories for gradebook
Hold all completed grades in queue until ready for posting
Search using filters
Weigh by categories AND individual assignments/columns
View grade center history or submissions receipts
Sort students by first name, last name, student ID, etc.
Add multiple grading schema
Send individual messages
Send reminders to students for unsubmitted assignments