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Sometimes instructors want to distribute a virtual hand-out to distribute to students, have them edit a few things, then return the document. With Google Assignments, you can attach a file and allow your students to work on the provided template, and turn it in as their assignment.

1. Create the template in a Google Drive file type (ex: Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets).

While you may use other file types like Microsoft Office files (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), using the Google Drive file types will ensure that your students can copy the template to their drive and edit it from there.

2. Add a Google Assignment to your course, and ensure you click Attach under files when you see the Assignment details screen.

3. Browse your Google Drive to find the template and create the assignment.

What Students will see:

When students click on the Assignment Link, they will see the template provided. Clicking on the link will make a copy of the template and place it in their Google Drive. After making edits, return to the Assignments screen and click SubmitNote: Students have the option to unsubmit, and this feature cannot be turned off. 

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