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1. Add a Google Assignment to your course

2. Click on the link to the assignment. Once there, you will see the assignment dashboard. 

3. Under the Rubric header, click on the +. You will be asked if you want to Create rubric or to Reuse rubric. If this is the first time you are using a rubric in Google Assignments, you will need to Create rubric

Rubrics used in Google Assignments are not equal to the rubrics that you use in Blackboard. You will not be able to use rubrics created in Blackboard on a Google Assignment, and vice versa. Additionally, students will not see the breakdown of their score of the rubric through Blackboard. They will need to click on the assignment again to see how they were evaluated with the Google Assignments rubric. 

4. Begin setting up the rubric. Ensure that scoring is turned on. Then determine if you wish to have points increase or decrease throughout the column of the rubric. Add a name to the criterion, and assign the points possible.  Optionally, you can add a name to the level, and a description. 

5. Use the + to add columns to the rubric. 

You can also add an overall criterion description by clicking on the three dots on the right-side, and then Add criterion description

6. Use the Duplicate Criteria button to add the same criteria below. Instructors may find this easier to do, then edit individual boxes at their discretion. You can also use the + Add Criterion button to add an additional row from scratch. 

Continue this process until your rubric is finished. 

If you need to delete a level, hover over the center of the level box, to the left of the +, and click on the three dots. Then click, Delete this level.

7. Once you are complete, click Save

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