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After creating a Google Assignment, and students have turned in their submission, instructors will be able to grade directly into the Google file using the rich editing tools available through Google Apps.

Until the instructor begins to grade the assignment, students will continue to have edit access to their docs. However, the instructor can easily view the revision history on the doc.

1. From the Google Assignments Dashboard, click on a student submission.

Access to the Google Doc has now changed.

Before the instructor grades the assignmentWhile the instructor grades the assignmentAfter the instructor grades the assignment
StudentEdit, with Ownership rightsView OnlyEdit, with Ownership rights
InstructorNoneComment, with Ownership rights

View Only*

Copy, with Edit and Ownership rights, saved in Google Drive

To learn more about editing access and ownership rights, visit this support page from Google

2. On the right click on the Grading icon.

3. Enter the grade and/or overall feedback.

If you are using a rubric, click on the Criterion name to view the columns. Click on the feedback, and the default points will appear. You may adjust the default points by clicking on the point box and manually entering a number number. 

Do not edit the total points using the three dots menu. There is a known issue that will cause the assignment to break between Blackboard and Google Assignments. 

4. Click Return. Once returned, the score will automatically sync and post to Blackboard.


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