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Original Blackboard courses will continue to use Other Bb Tools → McGraw-Hill Higher Education to access this tool. 

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The Content Market is your gateway to access valuable learning materials from content providers. The third-party content and tools you add will appear on the Course Content page your other course materials. If a tool provider allows, you can add multiple pieces of their content to your course in just a few clicks.


  1. Go to your Ultra course.
  2. Select the folder or area in the Content Outline where you want the Pearson content to reside.
  3. Click the purple (+) icon to add content and select Content Market.

  4. When the panel opens, select McGraw-Hill Education from the grid of content providers. Choose Connect from the dropdown menu.

  5. If you have never accessed McGraw-Hill before, you will need to link your Blackboard account to McGraw-Hill.

    • If you do not have a McGraw-Hill account, you will need to create one.

  6. In a new browser tab, you’ll see a confirmation page before you’ll be taken to the Connect login page. Once here, you’ll need to enter your login credentials and click Sign In.
  7. Sign into Connect using your Connect login credentials.

  8. Next you'll be asked to choose a new or existing Connect course with which to pair. Select existing (A) and then choose the course and section you want to pair with Blackboard.
  9. Once you've selected the course and section you want to pair, remember to click save.

  10. After you’ve successfully paired your Blackboard course with your Connect course, you can return to the Blackboard site by clicking the link provided (A) or you can go to your Connect Section Home page (B) to choose content and assessments for your students.