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Students will need to create an account with their myUMBC email address to join TurningPoint polls. Visit to create a participant account. 

To participate in TurningPoint polls, students will need to purchase a clicker and subscription code. If the instructor allows mobile responses, students will only need to purchase a subscription. For those using web-enabled devices, a subscription code is needed to upload your responses to Blackboard. All students participating with TurningPoint must purchase a subscription. 

Students can purchase a clicker and subscription at the UMBC Bookstore. After buying the items needed, students should enter their Blackboard course to register their devices and enter the subscription code into their TurningPoint account. 

Students participating with Mobile Responses can join polls from TurningPoint’s mobile app or by the browser. Visit Turning Technologies’ website for a guide on the mobile app. 

View the image below to learn about pricing. 

TurningPoint Pricing for UMBC students

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