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Some roles throughout campus necessitate users being able to regularly schedule in-person and therefore Webex meetings on behalf of another person. This FAQ covers the steps needed to allow for this scheduling to happen through Google Calendar and Webex without the sharing of passwords.

  1. Two settings are required by the delegator to enable this function. The first is to give access to the delegate in Google Calendar. Do this by first opening the settings of the delegators calendar.

  2. Scroll down the settings page until to find the section for 'Share with specific people' Add the delegate's email address as 'Make changes to events'
  3. Now that the delegate has permissions to the delegator's Google Calendar, those permissions need to be extended to the delegator's Webex account. The delegator should start by logging into their Webex account at 
  4. Now Select 'Preferences', then 'Scheduling' and finish by placing the delegate's email address in the 'Scheduling permission' box  and click 'Save' as shown in the image below.
  5. From this point the delegate can schedule Google Calendar with Webex meetings on behalf of the delegator. Do this through Google Calendar using the 'Add conferencing' drop down and making sure that the delegator's account is selected.
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