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Faculty who enable Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor on a Blackboard assessment may want to test the functionality. The Student Preview account is a custom role with student privileges that is generated by Blackboard so you can look at your course as if you were a student.

If you use the Student Preview tool in an Ultra course, however, you will experience an error: "Sorry! Your name isn't on the list. Please check with your administrator if you need access to this page."

This is functioning as designed – Student Preview accounts are not compatible with Respondus Lockdown Browser or Monitor.


The Ultra course workflow automatically opens Respondus Lockdown Browser as part of the assessment security process. Since the Student Preview account does not actually log you into Blackboard as a student, the system still detects your primary Blackboard account, which is an instructor. 

To view a RLDB-enabled test, you must have access to a demo student account or work with another user who can be enrolled in your course as a student. The demo student account must also be flagged as an evaluation account in the Respondus Monitor settings.

  1. Go to your Ultra course and access the test with RLDB enabled.
  2. Enter the Respondus Lockdown Browser dashboard.
  3. Open the Settings for the test.
  4. Expand the Advanced Settings for Respondus Monitor.

  5. Enter the demo student username. It will end with "_practice_stu" in the username.
    • The username for the demo student cannot be changed once used with a Respondus Monitor session.
  6. Click Save + Close
Faculty will have to log into Blackboard as this demo student. There are 13 demo student accounts in UMBC's Blackboard system. Faculty must request access to these accounts for evaluation purposes.