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NOTE: If you are using Webex for the first time, your extension may not be configured yet. Contact Ray Soellner ( to request VoIP configuration.

How to Set Up Phone Services

  1. Open the WEBEX desktop application and locate the PROFILE AND PREFERENCSE MENU in the UPPER RIGHT CORNER of the screen:

  2. Select SETTINGS:

  3. Select PHONE SERVICE in the options menu. Enter your UMBC credentials in the ACCOUNT INFORMATION FIELDS and click SAVE:

How to Make a Phone Call

  1. Click the PHONE icon on the left-hand bar of Webex.
  2. Dial the phone number in the keypad just as you would on your office phone and click CALL.
    1. Campus Extension – dial 5XXXX.
    2. Off-Campus Number – dial 9, then the 10-digit phone number.

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